Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Addition to the Blythe Family~

Mum recently introduced us to her friends and managed to "poison" them into liking us~ Haha, how can anyone resist us? :) One friend was looking for affordable price to adopt, so mum went searching for her in ebay, yahoo auctions and even ruten! Then mum saw her... and suggested to her friend about it... The price was resonable as even though its not in mint condition, the seller is selling with stock and she was totally uncustomised. Mum's friend though interested was not ready to get her yet. So mum decided to get it for herself instead.

Mum was real excited when Dad told her a package arrived on 30th March.

She was out but cant wait to get home to open it up! haha~ So here she is~

Asian Butterfly Encore
. Citing mum's words on her flickr :"When I first started looking at Blythe many years ago. I saw a pretty blue hair Blythe with pretty pom pom flowers on her hair. I was immediately mesmerised by her. Later I realise she is Asian Butterfly. I cant remember the one i saw was original AB or ABe but im happy after so many years I finally get to own her. Even when its a 2nd hand. ^____^"

Im sure she is very happy with our new sister~ Not forgetting the Friendly Freckles who i have not met yet(unboxed yet). Mum says she wants to get our sisters names first before introducing to us... Hmm... I wonder what would she name them?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hort Park~~

Dodo and Momo were invited to go Hort Park so Onyx decided to pop along too~ :D
Since its summer time, Mum decided to make her wear yukata*Japanese summer dress. I dont think she looks nice wearing the yellow yukata, so Mum gave her the Re-Ment yukata instead.. its actually quite sweet looking, combined with the tiara which Mum bought at S$1 :D

But its not easy to take pictures of Onyz and dogs at the same time, not mentioning have to take care of the dogs too... so Mum gave up after a few shots ><

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Background! CNY Gathering~

Allo peeps!

I'm back again ^_^ Sorry for not updating.. Mum's been lazy again :p
Mum decided to change the background again cuz Valentine's Day coming soon! Here's wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day~

Last weekend(8th Feb), Mum had a gathering with her friends~ Its a gathering of Blythes where i dint go! Mum said she cant bring all of us alone so i get to "rest" at home. Oh well, not that i mind... i hated the sun anyway. Got to keep my porcelain skin flawless! Mum wanted to show "new" Onyx to her friends anyway~ Hah! Ok, here are some pictures mum took with the new camera.

Group photo!! Click photo to view full size~

Onxy after her customization

Brianna wearing the amatuer cheongsum mum made

Winner of Miss Best Dressed! She gets a studded Tiara, sash and the cutest plate of abalone yu sheng for "lou hei" by cloudz

A closer look at the yu sheng!

All photos taken by canon 450D with 50mm F1.8 and 18-55mm kit lens
Click me to view more pics..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Recession? What recession?

Mum have not been blogging on me for awhile... imagine i had to pester her to blog! Duh...
Alright, she has been busy with her other hobbies and stuffs... but its no excuse to neglect me and my sisters! >< She and Daddy shared and bought a new camera! A DSLR somemore! Poor mummy said she is now hundreds poorer... And they talk about recession?! I can imagine the number of sisters she can get for me with that price! OK, maybe not the most expensive ones.... But i must admit, it took a pretty good picture of us! Ok, i shall not complain then. Oh, mummy bought another tiny sister for us... Cocoa Butter is her name i heard, she is kinda cute. Mum said she got her cuz of the cow costume.... she said it wil make a match with my cow costume!! Haha, i thought that was cute :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New sister!

Mum told us she is going to get another sister for us! I thought she is joking... especially after seeing her spending so much money on the new puppy and her personal stuffs.. I dint realise she meant it!
Yesterday morning, she bought a box home and i heard some shredding on it. I dint get to see the new girl until mum was done taking pictures of her and put her into the doll area with us. I see she is in her box, cant really talk to her yet since im kept in a box too ><>flickr

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat? Here's wishing all Blythe Halloweeners' bags full of candy!

Its been a long time since mummy blogged on me... She was busy with their new mini dachshund puppy and other activities... Ever since the last meet for Halloween, she has been neglecting me and Brianna for obvious reasons. Lucky I have Brianna for companion or else I would have bored to tears T_T

Today mum made a mini poster of us for her flickr. She still have numerous pics yet to sort out and edit for flickr... Hmm, I wonder if she's ever gonna do it anyway.

And I heard Milky Way Sugar is up for adoption! Mum says she wants a tanned girl so she is thinking of getting PD Ginger instead. I think ever since mum got Brianna who is a RBL, she has decided she likes RBL better ><"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleepy Eyes! Yea~~~

Today mum decided to changed my body back. She finds Licca body too floppy. Daddy finds it ugly too...He was actually glad mum changed me back...

Today mum also decided to give me and Brianna sleepy eyes. To those who dunno what is sleepy eyes. We Blythes came with eyes wide open. We will not close our eyes while lying down. The only time our eyes will close is when our pull ring is pulled to change eye color. So most Blythe Mums will give us the sleepy eyes cuz it looks better and we can sleep with our eyes closed. :D And mum made our sleepy eyes with hook clasp so we can change our charms whenever we want!

Anyway, mum said she had a freaky experience with us. Mum changed me 1st, she tried using a thin crochet needle as suggested on TIB forum but it doesnt hook on to the spring! Mum had no safety pin also... so she took her blackhead remover stick that comes with pointy needle to pull my spring. So now i got a strawberry charm for my sleepy eye. Mum also did sleepy eye for Brianna. She wanted to open up her head so she unhook the spring. She tried to open the head but it was really tight. Mum got scared and decided to give up but the spring was loose inside the head! So she tried the pull the spring back using the crochet needle... luckily, she manage to grab the spring back and succeeded in making sleepy eye. So now Brianna have sleepy eyes too~~ Her charm is a cherry.

Oh, my sleepy eye string is shorter... cuz mum wanted it short... but it seems bit too short...